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About Yarde Architecture and Design Inc.

Work with an integrated design team in St. Lucia for the best outcomes on your next project.

Yarde Architecture and Design Inc. offers a unique and collaborative perspective to design. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, we offer architecture, interior design, project management services and more. Our clients benefit from years of experience across multiple disciplines allowing our team to take on even the most complex projects. Over the years, our team members have provided project management and strategic services to a wide range of clients. We’ve designed hospitality service buildings, commercial buildings, residential homes, institutional buildings, and more.


Monica Yarde,

Registered Architect, MSLIA

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Our Mission

We work to respect the values of our clients by listening carefully to their goals, understanding their budgets and how their needs fit into those budgets, and we create design solutions that provide unique value for their businesses, lives, and our communities.

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Our Design Philosophy

Embracing our Caribbean culture, the team at Yarde Architecture and Design Inc. strives to express the team’s ideas through sustainable and modern elements. We work with clients to reach their goals while providing sustainable and energy efficient designs. Constructing buildings and spaces that are appropriate for our tropical climate, we ensure minimal environmental impact, while providing a healthy and comfortable building for our clients to enjoy for many years to come. Our energy efficient goals revolve around creating greater thermal comfort while reducing the heat island effect and enhancing natural ventilation and lighting with innovative design ideas combined with modern and high-tech elements.

Why Should You Work With Yarde Architecture and Design Inc.?

We are Client-driven

Our dedicated team works to identify and respect the values of each of our clients. We apply our expertise, knowledge, and skills to each project using new technology and innovative ideas to provide valuable solutions that are functional, affordable, sustainable, and most of all, beautiful.

75 Yrs Combined Experience

When it comes to understanding the details associated with St. Lucia’s built environment, no team has more experience than the team at Yarde Architecture and Design Inc. - with over 75 years of combined experience, we’ve seen it all and know how to navigate the complex requirements of working in St. Lucia.

Strategic Support Services

We work with clients from all over the world including North America and Europe to develop construction documents meeting local standards and development requirements. St. Lucia is one of the most wonderful places in the world to develop your next project, and our clients become a part of our team when we take on their project - collaboration is critical.

An Integrated Design Team

While some other consulting firms focus on only architecture, or design firms focus on only design, we bridge the gap between the two worlds to bring our clients the best of both disciplines. Together with our existing staff, we will gather some of the best and brightest consultants in the region to bring your ideas to life. Using unique collaborative efforts, we create, design, and built amazing projects for our clients.

High-Quality Documentation

We provide construction drawings of the highest quality so that our clients can see first-hand, what their projects will look like and they can start planning their businesses or lives around those designs. With detailed specifications and technical reports related to tenders and construction, our clients have all of the information they need to ensure their projects comply with local regulations. What’s more, our clients have all of the information they need to make decisions about their project.

We have High Standards

Not only do we deliver world-class built projects, but we ensure that our clients get the best service and care in the industry. When you work with Yarde Architecture and Design Inc., you can rest easy knowing that you are being taken care of, and your project is being taken care of, from start to finish. We work to provide respectful and professional services to each client and always work in a fair and courteous way to ensure our client's needs are met promptly.

Meet The Team

Germain Yarde Architect in Saint Lucia

Germain Yarde, MSLIA

Design & Project Architect | Design Principal

Monica Yarde Registered Architect in St. Lucia

Monica Ann Yarde, MSLIA

Registered Architect | Director

Technical Director, Physical Planner, Cost Consultant, Quantity Surveyor (PQS), Construction Estimator

Joseph Scatliffe, C.Tech, PQS

Physical Planner | Quantity Surveyor (PQS) | Civil Eng. (C.Tech.) | Project & Technical Director

We’re always looking for talented designers, creative directors and anyone who has a passion for Caribbean architecture and interior designing to join our team.