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Yarde Architecture and Design - Public Sector Facilities
  • October 29, 2017

Public, Cultural and Community Assets

At Yarde Architecture and Design Inc., we take pride in helping to build better communities that contribute to the infrastructure and economic stability of St. Lucia. We work with government agencies, as well as public corporations to provide a full range of professional architecture and design services. Whether projects are still in their infancy or they are in full swing, the team at Yarde Architecture and Design Inc. can put their expertise to work to create a one-of-a-kind solution that communities can support and enjoy together.

It’s important to maintain buildings and infrastructure in our community, and we are pleased to provide architectural services to develop community assets such as police and fire stations, cultural centres around the community, recreational facilities and more. Not only do we strive to improve the community services that we all benefit from, but we also strive to improve public spaces such as parks and playgrounds. Our design capabilities don’t stop at the front door of a building; we are ready and willing to take on some unique and interesting community projects to help make St. Lucia a better place.

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